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Seasoned Anniversary
by Vessie

Anniversaries have come and gone;
The years have past so fast;
There's times our pasts have been so busy;
It's made us feel alone;
But time has slowed and no more push and shove;
To get family things done;
Just us spending time together and taking the opportunity to love;
I stop today and take a breath realizing how inexperienced we have been;
But today's anniversary will be very special, for our best of life begins;
Our feeble hands will hold together the years that's come and past;
And all the problems in our world that's made this marriage last;
So here's a tribute to you my dearest, for holding on so strong;
And agreeing throughout the years with me even if you felt I was wrong;
A toast to you for not faltering when you knew you were in the right;
I'll love you for always no matter how nature may dim my sight........

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