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Everlasting Love by Jessica Howells
So long ago these words I said, "With this ring, I thee wed.", Yet I mean them no less

Anniversary of Love by Benjamin Cosmas
Today, one whole year has come and gone, Since the day your heart and mine, Met and agreed to twine, Themselves in conjugal bond as one.

Let's Grow Old Together by Marian Jones
Though April days are long since past, And summer's just a memory, In the autumn of our lives, There is still just you and me.

Ageless Beauty by Kerry O'Neal Kendrick
Beauty cannot be measured, by man's mortal clocks, It's ageless and forever, no key will fit that lock.

Vows Renewed by Angel Branikurt
In this place, we two did meet. We layed our hearts, at each one's feet.

My Love on Our Anniversary by Linda
Since the day we met and the sparks in our souls ignited, my love for you has grown, my life's been filled with excitement.

It All Adds Up To Gold by Sandra Bosnyak
It's time to dance the night away, time to celebrate, Fifty years ago today, this was your wedding date, Making vows to love each other through the happy and the sad, To be true to one another through the good times and the bad.

Doves Petals by Deborah Shepard
Love is somewhere between in effulgence, Twilight and dawns sweet tears, Even in beauty in pinions grace, To my darling dove I have adorn for surrendered years, with lasting love.

Seasoned Anniversary by Vessie
Anniversaries have come and gone; The years have past so fast; There's times our pasts have been so busy; It's made us feel alone.

To My Husband by Kathy
Oh so many years ago, we said I do. Here we are, still side by side, Still doing what lovers do.

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