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Together You and I by Mary Carpio
I am the coffee you are the cream. You are the friend of my every dream.

A Friendship Tree by Hope
We are like branches, I hope you will agree, In spreading our love, Upon a friendship tree.

Friendship Blooms by Mary Carpio
Friendship blooms, in the center of a soul, In time spreads throughout, to make it whole.

Bear Hugs by Jayme L.
From one friend to another, I am sending this loving, comforting Bear Hug.

Garden of Friendship by Rose Marie Streeter
With nourishment and caring, flowers bloom in spring, from tiny seeds once planted, 'tis such a wondrous thing.

How Can That Be by AshLeigh Starr Berglund
I didn't know when I met her, That she would soon become, The closest friend I ever knew, And at times even closer.

A Friend in Me by Jeanette Thomas
I don't want to be, So hung up on me, Where my eyes can not see, Another person in need.

Cyber Friend by Rose Marie Streeter
Words, that say 'I love you', written loud and clear, cross the lands of friendship, whether far or near.

Reminisce by Krista Daugherty
Smiles and tears, sweet memories, Waking up late, catching some Z's, Holding hands through tough days
Friendly bonding in all different ways.

A Rare Friendship by Joshua Silva
The relationship me and you share, Is most important than of all I care, We have a bond that no one can break, We're always there for eachother no matter what mistake.

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