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Sending You My Love by Slongentl
My love so deep so strong, My love bellows out in song, My thoughts and my feelings, Always good never wrong towards a woman thats been in my life.

The Kiss by Mary Carpio
The passion was soaring in my veins within, The way I was feeling felt like a sin.

Sending You My Love by Mary Carpio
Sending you my love, with words spoken true, From the depths of my heart, I send them to you.

Let Me Be Yours by Jonathan A Tame
There are many things I want to be, To make you happy and glad, And if you’ll let me, I’ll be them all, And give you the life you’ve never had.

My Beautiful Window by Stephy Bee
Loving you is like looking out an open window, I always want to be outside, touch the nature that surrounds us and fall in love with it's beauty.

Dream & Reality by Cristian
There you are, Far from me, But I can see you, In my dreams.

So In Love With You by Jamie Foxwell
East side, west side, on a sunny mountainside, Wearing a smile three feet wide, 'cause I'm so in love with you. Up, down, all around, on my face you'll see no frown, can't get my feet back on the ground, 'cause I'm so in love with you.

Steal Away by Byron Swetland
My soul aches to embrace you with passion; To immerse myself in your entrancing love. For your nectar is sweeter than all others.

Is He The One by Tresa Boyle
Emptiness inside my heart, That never goes away, A gaping hole so deep and wide, Like the ocean blue, Stretching on forever.

I Love You by Darkfire
Do I love you? I guess I do… I think of you every time, None could dissuade me, From loving you…

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