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An Angel's Wedding
by Christina C. Williams

Vows to take, and prayers to say
On that their blessed wedding day
The dream has been seen, fantasies thought.
And the angels dress already bought.
Her little girl fantasy will come to life
When the two come together as man and wife.
That day the church will be filled with stars,
Coming from galaxies both near and far.
Tears will shed when exchanging the rings.
And kissing when on glasses there are clings.
She's gorgeous before him in a gown of white
‘Cause an angel is such a wondrous sight.
They’ll dance on the softest clouds of gold
And begin the promise to have and to hold.
We’ll remember her veil, and matching train
And know how she looked when taking his name.
Sadly the day must come to an end,
But the angel now has a lover and friend.
If you think the story I tell is not true
Believe that it is. The next angel is you.

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