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Together Forever by Purity
My darling, I now believe in love, The sweet love we now share, Together forever.

True Love by Dream
I never thought you are the one, Inside my heart you are my man, I put you here
as a part, Of my heart even if we're far apart.

Two Became One by Melissa Ann Powell
A celebration of love, Rings and vows exhanged, Throwing of rice and releasing of doves, A limo ride and honeymoon.

With This Ring by Deborah Shepard
With this ring I thee carry mine hearts own, To cherish in lovers blooms, in heavens realm, Through entirety thy roses will flower the heavens gardens stairs, The love is with angels song everywhere.

I Will Still Love You Then by Tami L. Conklin
If the sun should set tomorrow and never again show, If the moon should wake tonight and forever glow, When the rivers suddenly run dry, And the mourner no longer cries.

A Promise by Christina C. Williams
A Promise, Love, A promise made, for all eternity. Never to break.

The Bride by Vicki Rogers
A beaded gown trimmed in lace. A big smile shows upon her face. A long white veil covers her head.

Past Golden Strands by Bonnie Ray
As sure as the tulips, bloom in spring, Hearts will fall in love, and golden wedding bells will ring.

An Angel's Wedding by Christina C. Williams
Vows to take, and prayers to say, On that their blessed wedding day, The dream has been seen, fantasies thought. And the angels dress already bought.

Sister's Wedding Day by Jessica McKinzie
Grown up together, through out our lives. Sharing secrets and telling stories. This day is the day, it's always a memory. Your wedding day, a very special day.

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